WWF-Laos Integrated Strategies 2021-2025

WWF-Laos' five-year strategic plan is an integration of our Conservation Programme 
and Operational Functions.

It is perfused with the team's love and passion for nature, conservation, and our collective mission to make Laos a place where people can thrive while maintaining a balance with the plants and animals that enrich the ecosystems on which we all depend.
The Conservation Strategies were developed as a result of input from our staff and an analysis of conservation efforts conducted by WWF-Laos and partners since the 1980s, as well as through engagement with the WWF Global Network, to ensure that the coming years will see WWF-Laos guided by solid and sound strategies. It is also a result of a thorough assessment of the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss, with a view to set out feasible actions to improve the overall status and health of Laos’ natural systems.
The Operational Strategies include all critical functions that support the implementation of the conservation strategies. Each function has its own vision, objective and outcomes and all vitally contribute to accomplishing the mission and vision of WWF-Laos.

Our strategies and key Conservation Outcomes are linked to national and international priorities and directly contribute to the WWF’s global goals.

The plan builds on WWF-Laos’ DNA and carries forward the three conservation priorities from the previous strategy – Forest, Wildlife, and Freshwater – while taking our targets to the next level of ambition. It is aligned to WWF- Asia Pacific priorities and is strongly inspired by WWF’s global targets.

Geographically, our strategic plan focuses on 
three Priority Landscapes selected based on their conservation significance, level of pressure on biodiversity, and WWF-Laos’ ability to have a meaningful impact. Within each of these broad landscapes, we further focus our efforts on four Priority Sites.