Scope of Work:

The consultant is required to conduct a participatory analysis to support beneficiary households in identifying alternative livelihood models or opportunities for improving current income-generating activities that can better cope with the impact of climate change. At the end of the activity, the consultant(s) should be able to propose group-based, nature-positive, and climate-smart livelihood models for the seven targeted villages, with justification against the provided criteria.

The firms/consultants/ are expected to perform the following activities:

  • Desk review of background documents (project document and other relevant materials).
  • Participate in meetings with relevant project staff and reviewing relevant project documents.
  • Prepare and finalize the methodology to conduct participatory activities.
  • Conduct participatory activities to identify group-based, nature-positive, and climate-smart livelihood models with beneficiary households in 7 villages.
  • Submit a high-quality draft report and raw data of the participatory analysis to WWF prior to the submission of the final report.
  • Present the findings to WWF team and other relevant stakeholders through an oral presentation.
  • WWF will review the draft report (Lao and English versions) and provide necessary feedback.
  • The firm/Consultants will submit a final report (Lao and English versions) addressing the feedback received.
  • All raw data and tools acquired are expected to be handed over to WWF Laos and should not be shared with other third parties before consent from WWF.
Consultant(s) is required to include a section in their proposal outlining the tools they intend to use
to identify alternative livelihood models. This section should detail the methodology and specific tools
proposed, ensuring comprehensive coverage and effectiveness in identifying and assessing
alternative livelihood options for project beneficiaries.

Components of the participatory analysis report to identify alternative livelihood activity. The study will include:

  • An executive summary;
  • Project background;
  • Detailed Methodology of the participatory analysis;
  • Result from SWOT analysis of each activities;
  • Sections proposing activities and providing justifications against provided criteria.

Methodology: The firm/consultant(s) are expected to use the following approaches:

  • Household Representation: each household will be represented by one member, with priority given to female members. This strategic approach aims to empower women by enhancing their economic resilience and autonomy.
  • Group-Based Discussions: discussions will involve groups to prioritize livelihood models. Input from multiple households will be merged.
  • Enhancement of Existing Models: livelihood models will build on existing practices, seeking to add value rather than completely changing them.
  • Tentative List of Livelihood Activities: beneficiary households will propose a list of preferred livelihood activities. Feasibility will be assessed through a SWOT analysis, criteria:
    • Production process, costs, and return on investment;
    • Household capacity: skills, knowledge, experience;
    • Household assets (e.g., land availability, equipment);
    • Natural assets (availability of natural resources);
    • Marketing opportunities and accessibility;
    • Environmental impact;
    • Climate resilience.
  • Selection of Livelihood Models: based on the SWOT analysis, households will choose one or two livelihood models offering the highest marketing opportunities and best utilizing current capacities and assets.

Duration of the Work: The assignment will be for 27 working days between March – April 2024.

Duty Station: The firm/consultant(s) will be required to travel to the field in communities in Salavanh Province, and will be home-based during the redaction of the study.

Applications kindly submit your proposal to Ensure that your submitted proposal includes:

Technical Proposal, indicating at a minimum:
  • Proposed methodology;
  • Work plan, including milestones;
  • Professional references.
Financial Proposal, indicating at a minimum:
  • Consultancy fee for the proposed consultant(s) broken down by No. of days;
  • All related implementation costs (travel, DSA, equipment, logistics, etc.,);
  • Including all TAXES;
  • Curriculum vitae of proposed consultant(s).
If applying as the team at least the lead consultant meets the competencies and qualification requirement above, for the team members should have at least experience in performing similar tasks.