Leading the development of a Multi-Sectoral Adaptation Action Plan for the Siphandone Wetland, Lao PDR

Request for Proposal:

International Consultancy for: Leading the development of a Multi-Sectoral Adaptation Action Plan for the Siphandone Wetland, Lao PDR.
Since 2002, WWF-Laos has worked on the management of the Mekong River wetlands and tributaries, including the 485 km2 Siphandone Wetland in Champasak Province, as priority freshwater conservation areas critical to the wellbeing of the country’s unique biological diversity and the Lao people’s wellbeing. 
WWF-Laos is looking for an experiences consultancy team to lead developing a Multi-Sectoral Adaptation Action Plan that will guide district-level sectoral agencies of Khong districts, Champasak Province, Laos PDR to strategize, plan and budget their climate action under their respective sectors of intervention for the Siphandone Wetland. Using the Ecosystem-based Adaptation Operational Framework for the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) jointly developed by WWF and the World Bank in 2013 as a main guiding tool, the development of the Action Plan will be informed by thorough assessment of EbA best practices in light of current and projected climate change indicators as well as by communities’ own experience with climate change and EbA, and their expressed needs to replicate and scale-up viable EbA options.  


  1. Compiling an overview and needs assessment of current adaptation policy, technical capacity and resources.
  2. Identifying opportunities and benefits to use and upscale specific EbA solutions to climate change impacts in the Siphandone Wetland.
  3. Develop a Multi-Sectoral Adaptation Action Plan for Siphandone Wetland

Full terms of reference (ToRs) are available upon request by email to procurement-laos@wwf.org.la

Submission of Applications:

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following documents to procurement-laos@wwf.org.la, application is including of:
  • A Letter of Interest, highlighting relevant experience and skills set
  • Technical Proposal, indicating at a minimum:
    • Proposed methodology
    • Work plan, including milestones
    • Professional references
  • Financial Proposal (All must be in USD currency), indicating at a minimum:
    • Consultancy fee for proposed consultant(s);
    • International travel to Laos (if based outside Laos)
    • Domestic travel
    • Equipment
    • Tax fee based on Lao government policy
  • Curriculum vitae of proposed consultant(s)

Closing date: June 11, 2023


The sunset over the Mekong in Siphandone, Laos. 
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