GIS specialist to provide GIS training to the conservation team of WWF-Laos

WWF-Laos is seeking to build and expand the GIS capacity of its staff in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its conservation programme. The training aims to refresh the essential foundation of GIS skills and spatial analysis capabilities to the conservation team of WWF-Laos.

The objective of the consultancy is to provide a short QGIS training package to WWF Laos conservation staff. The consultant is going to work closely with WWF’s Forest Lead for designing training content and delivering the training.

Expected Outcome 

By the end of the training, it is expected that participants are able to use essential functions of QGIS, process and edit vector and raster data, create maps from common datasets, and process catchment delineation and land cover classification. Proposed training content and detailed content will be designed and developed by the consultant:

Day 1: Working with vector and raster data
Day 2: Making a Map in QGIS
Day 3: Stream and catchment delineation & land cover classification
Day 4: Practicing creation of thematic map (Choropleth, proportional point symbol, dot … etc)

Tentative training date: 20-23 December 2021

Submission of applications

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following documents to this e-mail:
  • Proposed a draft training content and methodology  
  • CV of consultant / or a team
  • Financial proposal

Deadline for submission: 6 December 2021