Consultancy service: Drafting of an Integrated Livelihood Strategy for CarBi-2 Project

Consultancy for the drafting of an Integrated Livelihood Strategy for CarBi 2 villages in Saravan and Sekong provinces, Laos.

Carbon and Biodiversity Project phase 2 (CarBi 2)
CARBI (Biodiversity Conservation In The Central Annamites Through Ecosystem Protection) phase 2 is a transboundary project between Laos and Vietnam contributing to the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of ecosystems and the conservation of biological diversity in the Central Annamites Landscape with innovative and transformational conservation interventions that support the governments of Vietnam and Laos to meet their obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).
Aim of Consultancy

CarBi 2 is seeking an accomplished and highly motivated livelihood consultancy to develop a livelihood strategy and action plan that will provide a clear roadmap with pilot models which will promote sustainable livelihoods in tandem with the establishment of Village Development Funds (VDFs), linked to forest and wildlife conservation, forest restoration and sustainable use of ecosystems and natural resources in the project area, including an impact monitoring framework.
Terms of Reference

Full terms of reference (ToRs) can be downloaded HERE and are available upon request by email to chanhla.nanthavong@wwf.org.la

Submission of applications

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following documents to Mrs. Chanhla Nanthavong, Project Procurement committee chanhla.nanthavong@wwf.org.la with khampanh.keovilaysak@wwf.org.la   in copy, application are including of:
  • Proposed methodology
  • CV of main consultant(s)
  • Financial proposal (excluding travel and accommodation costs, which will be covered by WWF)

Deadline for submission: by October 30, 2020.