Consultancy for High Conservation Value, Biodiversity Assessment and Enterprise Incentive Model

WWF-Laos is looking for a part-time advisor for leading High Conservation Values Screening, Forest Biodiversity Recovery Assessment, and Designing Conservation-based Enterprise and Incentives models.


To provide technical support and lead the project team and partners to complete the feasibility study and design of suitable models for conservation enterprises and incentives with local communities and relevant partners that can demonstrate long-term conservation gains at WWF priority sites focusing in Donghouasao & Xe Sap NPA.

Scope of Work:
  1. Training
  2. Methods and roadmap
  3. Conservation Planning
  4. Feasibility Study
  5. Agreement Review
  6. Impact Assessment:
  7. Strategy
Expected Outputs:
  • Presentation on example PES models from Lao PDR and other countries that presents lessons learned that can be applied at select WWF sites in Lao PDR.
  • Brief feasibility study of the Slow Coffee conservation and BCC-VDF model with recommendations on how to develop a pilot with the aim of biodiversity conservation.
  •  Forest Biodiversity Enhancement Report for proposed WWF-SLOW villages
  •  Landscape HCV screening report
  • Field report(s) for visit(s) to the proposed pilot site(s) for Slow Coffee or other programs.
  • Conceptual model and/or results chains for conservation-based enterprise/incentive program(s) at key site(s) including impact monitoring.
  • Recommendations on the agreement between WWF and Slow Coffee.
Required Qualifications:
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in General Biology, Geography and/or Natural Resources Management related field;
  • Preferably also a MSc in forest ecology, biodiversity conservation and forestry, natural resource economics, sustainable land management, ecosystem management or similar or equal experience. 
Required Experience, Skills, and Competencies:
  • Minimum 10 years of experience related to biodiversity/forestry/ sustainable land management;
  • Previous experience evaluating biodiversity or eco-systems naturalness, high conservation value assessment and potential or related work;
  • Previous experience on designing conservation-based incentive enterprise;
  • Understanding of land use legislation and its application in Laos in relation to relations between Government authorities, villagers, and concessions;
  • Relevant experience in the development and implementation of conservation and forest restoration-related projects is a great advantage;
  • Knowledge of land conservation and management tools, preferably in the area of biodiversity conservation;
  • Awareness and understanding of the relevant land degradation, biodiversity, and climate change issues;
  • Experience with the use of GIS software;
  • High-level English proficiency is required – for reporting and presentation to the FFL team;
  • Lao language ability is advantageous.
  • 6 months from contract signing
  • The date for different deliverables /outputs will be determined after signing the contract.
Interested consultant (s), please submit the following to:, by 3rd August 2022, 5 pm:
  • CV (+ other team members' CV)
  • Estimated daily Fee (Nett) – excluding travel, accommodation, and DSAs as these will be in accordance to WWF-Lao policies.