2015-2020 Strategic Plan

In July 2015, WWF-Laos - along with all WWF Greater Mekong offices - launched its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. Aimed at guiding conservation action over 5 years, the plan focuses on protecting forest, freshwater and wildlife, which will not only be a critical contribution to WWF's global conservation goals, but also helps reduce poverty by sustainable natural resource management.

You can download the plan (in Lao and English) on the link at the right hand side of the page.


Central to the strategic plan are 3 strategies that focus on the most pressing conservation challenges Laos faces today. There are:
  • Strategy 1: Landscape Planning and Management
  • Strategy 2: Wildlife and Protected Areas
  • Strategy 3: Responsible Investments, Production and Consumption
To achieve these strategies, we will make sure to demonstrate good conservation practices and results, help strengthen government policies, mainstream our conservarion approaches, establish strong partnerships with key stakeholders, engage with corporations where possible, and raise public awareness to make sure we implement lasting and sustainable conservation actions.
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WWF-Laos Strategic Plan
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